Service Details

PRICINGBased on doing the ENTIRE house: $6 per pane. Includes washing both sides of the window, wiping the sills, wiping away cobwebs and cleaning the screens for free. Definition of a pane: If a window opens, it usually has 2 panes, upper and lower, or side by side. Example: A sliding glass door is a 2 pane count. Skylights are $15 each. Minimum charge: $150 for less than 17 panes. If only doing a partial cleaning, estimate will change.

Please watch our video explaining pricing by panes:

MULTI-SERVICE DISCOUNT: If more than 1 service is performed on the same day as your schedule appointment for window washing we offer a 10% discount on all your services!
COMMERCIAL DISCOUNT: Discounts available for quarterly and monthly cleanings, exterior only cleanings & large volume jobs.
New Construction: $10 per pane, no discounts for this service.
Please note: Weekend appointments offer no discounts.

GUTTER CLEANING: Minimum charge for a 1 story house: $150. Minimum charge for a 2 story house $200.

BIRD SPIKING: Installed on your gutters. Please call for a quote.

PRESSURE WASHING: Please call for a quote.

SOLAR PANEL CLEANING: Commercial & Residential. $150 minimum, estimates based on difficulty of job to be done.